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Artificial Intelligence in IT Security

Artificial Intelligence in IT Security

19th February 2020 | In Security
Emerging technologies put cybersecurity at risk. Even the new advancements in defensive strategies of security professionals fail at some point. Besides, as offensive-defensive strategies and innovations are running in a never-ending cycle, the complexity and volume of cyberattacks have increased.Combining the strength of artificial intelligence with cybersecurity, security professionals have additional resources to defend vulnerable networks and data from cyber attackers. After applying this technology, it brought instant insights, resulting in reduced response times.

Capgemini recently released a report based on AI in cybersecurity, which mentions that 42% of the companies studied had seen a rise in security incidents through time-sensitive applications.

Data security is now more vital than ever. Updating existing cybersecurity solutions and enforcing every possible applicable security layer doesn’t ensure that your data is breach-proof. But, having a strong support of advanced technologies will ease the task of security professionals.

For now, setting up firewall policies, managing backups, and many such tasks require a professional, but AI will change the traditional approach.

  • Organisations will be able to monitor and respond to security incidents by using advanced tools.
  • The next-generation firewalls will have in-built machine learning technology that could find a pattern in network packets and block them automatically if flagged as a threat.
  • Predictably, the natural language capabilities of AI will be used to understand the origination of cyber-attacks. This theory can be put into practice by scanning data across the internet.

Ross Campbell Head of Security, Hardware

With today’s complex security breaches and cyber-attacks a different level of security is required. Where previously perimeter security was enough, now cyber-attacks are far more advanced, typically targeting your data.

To ensure you are kept secure, our highly skilled technical team work with you to combat daily threats. Using the latest security products, we can provide a level of protection that’s essential for today’s environment.
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