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13 Jun 2017 is proud to be continuing their sponsorship of Cirencester Rugby Football Club (CRFC) and supporting their continued…
08 Jun 2017 announced a new partnership with Riverbed Technology who offer solutions that provide complete end-to-end visibility of applications…
12 Apr 2017 is proud to receive an award from Cirencester College for Best Employer Contribution to the College, in…
07 Apr 2017
Whilst a data centre move is not a simple or, perhaps, desirable, task, businesses can find themselves in…
29 Mar 2017
According to research conducted by Palo Alto Networks and IDC, most organisations think that they are already compliant…
28 Mar 2017
In Cloud
Last year, Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) cloud storage service at Amazon’s US-EAST-1 data centres went down for…
14 Mar 2017
We live in an information age and need constant access to our data, be it via the internet…
28 Feb 2017
Building and maintaining a successful data centre environment to house your organisation’s vital infrastructure is no easy task,…
13 Feb 2017
As networks become increasingly complex, replacing or upgrading equipment is creating new challenges and pressures on in-house technical…
18 Jan 2017
How often have you been pressurised by a vendor into buying their branded optics? “As a distributor of…
Opengear, a leading provider of critical infrastructure management solutions through advanced console servers, remote management, monitoring, and cellular…
05 Jan 2017
Inventory management can be a costly and, often demanding, task. Ensuring the right kit is in stock, in…
21 Dec 2016
Downtime due to equipment failures or system faults can cost businesses thousands. Time from problem occurrence to resolution…
12 Dec 2016
Once again, CRN has published its annual rundown of the UK’s 100 biggest VAR’s (Value Added Resellers) of 2016 featuring Hardware Group.…
07 Dec 2016
Colocation can offer many benefits to businesses. Dedicated racks often come with a standard package of power and…