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18 Brilliant Business Benefits of Refurbished Equipment

10th December 2017 | In Lifecycle Services
Refurbished equipment not only delivers benefits to your IT department, but to your business as a whole. Take a look at these brilliant ways your business can benefit:
  • 1. Save money – achieve up to 90% cost savings with refurbished equipment.
  • 2. Make equipment last longer – extend the life of your older kit rather than buying new.
  • 3. Escape OEM upgrade mandates – third-party support and warranties on refurbished equipment mean you don’t have to follow OEM mandates.
  • 4. Consolidate support – bring support for all your equipment, new and refurbished, under one contract, with one invoice and one renewal date.
  • 5. Invest at the right time for you – plan your budgets and capital expenditure to suit your business, not your manufacturer.
  • 6. Choose technologies that will benefit you most – only invest in technologies that can really deliver added benefits to your business.
  • 7. Support newer equipment – redeploy refurbished equipment anywhere in your network to support newer kit..
  • 8. Scale for less – new orchestration technologies communicate across all devices, old and new. Meaning scale can be achieved using your legacy kit, without any loss of productivity..
  • 9. Prepare equipment for resale – refurbished equipment is wiped of any sensitive data and can therefore be sold on to subsidise the cost of any new IT ventures.
  • 10. Improve inventory management – Clear your stock room of old surplus kit. This ensures your full inventory is tracked and utilised or traded in.
  • 11. Upgrade to latest software versions – older kit can be reconfigured with newer software versions to boost performance in your system.
  • 12. Restore to manufacturer standards – remove old configurations restoring the kit back to manufacturer standards ready for resale or redeployment.
  • 13. Erase data securely – securely remove sensitive data so kit can be sold or reused without concern.
  • 14. Extend your warranty – refurbished equipment often comes with a new 1 year warranty so you can be sure your estate is covered.
  • 15. Save on support costs – Third-party support on refurbished kit is considerably cheaper than OEM support on new kit.
  • 16. Maintain equipment value for longer – refurbished equipment retains its value for longer. So you can still trade it in later down the line.
  • 17. Increase uptime – refurbished equipment is fully tested meaning it offers greater reliability.
  • 18. Ensure environmental responsibility – using equipment for the full duration of its life is far more environmentally-friendly than disposal and buying new.