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The need for increase productivity has driven the development of remote access solution in recent years. Juniper’s remote access solutions combine the ability to provide network access to mobile employees, remote workers and partners while maintaining control of resources and endpoint security.

Juniper’s market leading remote access solution offers both IPSec and SSL VPN with role based access levels for all users. Endpoint status can be evaluated and controlled before clients access the network while company owned devices can be managed with a cloud based mobile security platform. Juniper’s Access Control Solutions work in conjunction with the Juniper SRX series to provide effective granular access when devices are granted network access.

Stay on top of the latest mobile threats

Juniper’s Mobile Security Suite provides extensive control and protection for corporate and BYOD devices on a range of smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Operating as a cloud based service, administrators have an enhanced view of devices and are able to respond to events with services such as remote wipe and detecting device misuse.

Solution Components

Junos Pulse Secure Access Service

Juniper Pulse Access Service The Junos Secure Access Service using the Junos Pulse client provides granular access to a range of clients including workstations, tablets, smartphones and laptops.

Running on the MAG series or SA series devices, the Secure Access service enables SSL VPN, full layer 3 VPN or port mapping for specific applications.

The service includes endpoint security mechanisms which can validate the software levels, services, AV protection or patch levels on client devices attempting to connect to the network.

MAG Series Junos Pulse Gateway

Juniper Wireless The MAG series hardware platform provides access control, secure remote and mobile access for employees, mobile workers and guests.

Available for small to large deployments, the MAG gateway offers SSL and remote LAN access in conjunction with the Junos Pulse client. All platforms also offer the Network Access Control service which authenticates users and controls network access in conjunction with the SRX series devices.

The MAG Series Junos Pulse Gateways deliver a single point of access convergence for the SSL VPN and network access control (NAC) needs of enterprise customers of all sizes.


Junos Pulse

Juniper Routers Junos Pulse is the endpoint application for SSL VPN and Network Access Control. The client provides a simple environment for remote administration and endpoint validation before devices are granted network access.

Junos Pulse is supported on Windows, Windows mobile, MAC, IOS, Android and other options exist for Linux platforms.

Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite

Juniper QFabric As companies allow users to access resources from many devices, Mobile Security Suite provides a solution to provide protection from insecure endpoints and offer enhanced security to devices with the following features:

  • Antivirus
  • Anti-Malware
  • Loss and theft protection
  • Mobile device management, monitoring and control
  • Endpoint Firewall
  • Anti Spam


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