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Juniper Networks enable you to deliver fast, reliable and secure services with no-compromise performance, best-in-class technologies and a comprehensive range of products. Their ‘less is more’ approach to deployments and a single software platform lets you achieve more with less physical network devices.

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Products & Solutions

Juniper Switches

Juniper Switches Juniper Networks switches utilise the single Junos operating system that meets the ever increasing demands and requirements of your users and allows you to stay in control of the network.

Juniper Wireless

Juniper Wireless Juniper wireless controllers, access points, and management tools deliver wireless LAN and WAN solutions for enterprises of all sizes and types from small retail installations to the largest campuses.

Juniper Routers

Juniper Routers Juniper Networks routers push the barriers of performance and reliability at a price that suits todays ever decreasing budgets. As with other Juniper products the single Junos operating system is at the heart of the whole router portfolio.

Juniper QFabric™

Juniper QFabric The Juniper QFabric is designed to bring the switching performance and scalability that Service Providers, cloud computing and datacentre consolidation environments demand.

Juniper Security

Juniper Security Juniper Networks Security products support a wide range of features from Virtual Private Networks (VPN) through to Unified Threat Management (UTM) ensuring you have the right devices to secure your network.

Junos WebApp Secure

Junos WebApp Secure Junos WebApp Secure uses deception to detect, track, profile, and prevent hackers in real-time. It is the first technology that inserts thousands of detection points.

Juniper SRX

Juniper SRX Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways provide high-performance security and routing for enterprise and service providers.

Juniper software & Licences

Juniper Software Juniper Networks software is designed to be simple, scalable, and continually adaptable to the demands of today's ever-changing high-performance network environment.

Juniper Remote & Mobile Access

Juniper mobile Juniper’s remote access solutions combine the ability to provide network access to mobile employees, remote workers and partners while maintaining control of resources and endpoint security.

Junos Operating System

Junos® operation system is a reliable, high-performance network operating system for routing, switching, and security. It reduces the time necessary to deploy new services and decreases network operation costs. Junos offers secure programming interfaces and the Junos SDK for developing applications that can unlock more value from the network.

Junos is one system, designed to completely rethink the way the network works.


  • One operating system: Reduces time and effort to plan, deploy, and operate network infrastructure.
  • One release train: Provides stable delivery of new functionality in a steady, time-tested cadence.
  • One modular software architecture: Provides highly available and scalable software that keeps up with changing needs.

Running Junos in a network improves the reliability, performance, and security of existing applications. It automates network operations on a streamlined system, allowing more time to focus on deploying new applications and services. And it's scalable both up and down—providing a consistent, reliable, stable system for developers and operators. Which, in turn, means a more cost-effective solution for your business.


Path Computation Client (PCC): PCC is an SDN technology available on the MX Router Series. PCC enables network programmability to allow IT managers to dynamically create optimal paths including slices, overlays or virtual paths, to optimize on-demand bandwidth requirements.

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Juniper WebApp Secure

PDF Icon The first web intrusion deception system.


QFabric The Cloud-Ready Data Center Network.

SRX Series Routers

SRX Series Services Gateways for the Branch.

WLA Series Wireless

WLA Series Wireless LAN Access Points.

Juniper Spotlight Secure

Cloudbased threat intelligence solution

Juniper Promotions

Offer 1: Wired Plus Wireless

For every 20 units of EX3300s/EX4200s Purchased receive 1 x Wireless LAN System at no additional cost, which includes 1 x WLC880R, 8 x WLA532s, and 1 x Ringmaster Management Software License.

Call us on 866-408-9273 for more info

Offer 2: WLAN Starter Kit

For a limited time promotional discounts on WLAN Starter Kit, including 1 x WLC800R, 10 x WLA322s and 1 x RingMaster Management Software.

Call us on 866-408-9273 for more info

Offer 3: BYOD Starter Kit

Promotional discounts for a WLAN Starter Kit (Offer 2) along with 1 x SmartPass Guest Access, 1 x Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite and 1 x EX2200-C.

Call us on 866-408-9273 for more info


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