Network-based solutions to optimize the delivery of applications across the network are becoming critical; delivering adaptive data compression, network-level security functionality, selective caching, load balancing, and connection management.

Application delivery controllers provide a set of functions to optimize reliability, end-user performance, data center resource usage, and security for a variety of enterprise applications.

Hardware.com has teamed up with the best suppliers in the market to deliver solutions that have improved service, support, and the enterprise application environment.
F5 - Application Delivery
Applications running across networks can cause a wide variety of problems. Whatever the problem, though, the BIG-IP Product Family can handle it.

BIG-IP is the only device in the industry that can do everything. It delivers high availability, improved performance, application security, and access control all in one unit.

A single BIG-IP device can do the work of a dozen single-purpose products. More importantly, it can do that work in an efficient, cohesive manner that is easier to manage and adapt as business and technology needs change.

The BIG-IP Product Family is also extraordinarily flexible and configurable. You choose which functions you want by selecting various BIG-IP product modules and BIG-IP feature modules. Depending on which modules and how much traffic capacity you need, you can choose from various BIG-IP hardware platforms.
Local Traffic Manager
Local Traffic Manager™ (LTM)
Spreads connections across multiple clustered servers, sending each connection to the server with the least load. This speeds transactions and improves the end-user experience.
The full range of BIG-IP LTM standalone hardware platforms. More »
A range of BIG-IP LTM hardware bundled with the most common add-on modules. More »
Global Traffic Manager™ (GTM)
Global Traffic Manager™ (GTM)
Automatically routes connections to alternate data centers if the main data center goes offline or becomes temporarily overloaded. This makes applications more responsive for each user and allows enterprises to make optimal use of multiple data centres.
BIG-IP GTM is available on the 1500 platform and as an add-on module for integration with the following BIG-IP platforms 520*, 540*, 1000*, 2400*, 5100, 5110, 1500, 3400, 6400, and 6800. *These platforms need hardware upgrades to run BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager. More »
The BIG-IP Link Controller is available on the 1500 platform, or as an add-on module for integration with the following BIG-IP platforms 1500, 3400, 6400, 6800, and 8800. More »
Application Security Manager™ (ASM)
Application Security Manager™ (ASM)
Protects critical applications and their data by defending against application-specific attacks that ignore conventional firewalls.
Add-on software modules including the ASM module, Message Security Module, and Advanced Client Authentication Module. More »
BIG-IP ASM standalone hardware appliances. More »
Application Accelerator BigIP and WANJet
Application Accelerator™ BigIP and WANJet
Stops Web browsers from needlessly re-requesting page content from the server. Allows fewer Web servers to handle more users, increasing interactive user performance up to 10 times.
BIG-IP WebAccelerator 4500 standalone hardware platform. More »
Traffic Manager add-on WAN routing licenses. More »
Traffic Manager add-on SSL and FIPS licenses. More »
Traffic Manager Base Systems and software options. More »
Add on hardware compression modules for BIG-IP 6400/6800 and 8400 platforms. More »
Add-on software modules including Fast Cache, Compression Modules, and Performance Packs. More »
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White papers provide information on critical technology areas, such as Application Security, Application Optimization, and Application Availability, and how F5 products help you improve upon or prepare for their deployment. More »