Consolidate virtualization benefits in M1000e blade deployments and apply more bandwidth to critical network links with the Dell™ Force10 MXL 10/40GbE switch.

Dell Force10 MXL 10/40GbE Switch for Dell M1000e Blade Enclosures

Extending the value of your blade investments has become far more achievable with the new Dell Force10 MXL 10/40GbE switch for the Dell M1000e Blade Enclosure.

Delivering huge scalability, the Force10 MXL switch has enhanced bandwidth, performance, and flexibility to satisfy the changing demands of data centres embracing virtualization, network convergence, and other I/O-intensive applications/workloads.

" is one of Dell’s most experienced and trusted networking and converged solution partners. Our relationship began in the Force10 era and has continued to move from strength to strength. has the level of support and depth of technical resource required to engage with all tiers of our enterprise customer base." Darren Partridge - Dell Channel Development Manager


M1000e enclosure + MXL blade = The Perfect combination

The Dell Converged Blade Data Center architecture offers organizations a pre-engineered platform that integrates recent Dell server, networking, and storage offerings, along with infrastructure management, in a single chassis. The M1000e is designed to deliver a data center infrastructure with the efficiency, and simplicity of a blade server environment.

Providing required compute, network, and storage resources for an application is challenging and requires multiple disconnected groups to collaborate around infrastructure design, integration, and support. A modular approach helps minimize these complexities and other concerns such as use of power, cooling, and space inside the data center.

The MXL stackable, 40 Gbps–capable blade I/O module offers end-to-end, high-speed network capabilities. Support for the Data Center Bridging (DCB) protocol enables combining Ethernet LAN traffic and Internet SCSI (iSCSI) storage area network (SAN) traffic within a single fabric and cost-effectively helps simplify the topology. The switch delivers high I/O density with 32 internal 10GbE ports and up to six 40 Gigabit Ethernet (40GbE) external ports to support network bandwidth required by the converged fabric. Stacking two of these switches in the architecture can support a high-speed, low-latency, locally switched and redundant fabric.

Key Benefits

  • Improve infrastructure performance with standards-based 10/40GbE connectivity.
  • Maximize functionality with the reliable and feature-rich Dell Force10 Operating System (FTOS).
  • Flexibility allows you to add 1, 10 or 40GbE ports as your data center grows.
  • Predictable, reliable network performance while reducing operations and management overhead.

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modular, stackable blade switch for the M1000e chassis.

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