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Cisco networking solutions provide increased productivity, better customer satisfaction and a significant competitive advantage. 


Cisco Hubs & Switches

Cisco Switches offers the UK's most comprehensive catalog of new and refurbished Cisco switches.

Cisco Bridges & Routers

Cisco Routers and modules At, we stock one of the largest inventories of Cisco routers around the globe, ensuring that offer a suitable device for your application.

Cisco Network security

Cisco firewalls and security Cisco firewalls are at the forefront of innovation; the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) range of high-performance, scalable security devices offers market leading levels of protection.

Cisco Wireless

Cisco Wireless The Cisco Aironet range of Wireless Access Points, Bridges and LAN Controllers utilise the latest 802.11n wireless standards; they can be deployed in even the most challenging environments.

Cisco Compatible Optics

Cisco Compatible Optics The cheaper alternative to Cisco Optics our compatible optics offer quality with ost saving benefits.

Cisco VoIP

Cisco IP Phones With Cisco Unified IP Phones, you can help your business benefit from the productivity-building capabilities of next-generation communications and collaboration.

Why Choose Refurbished?

At we believe purchasing refurbished should mean equipment that is good as new, whilst saving you money. We have invested heavily in a dedicated refurbishment center and a team of highly trained engineers that fully test all items to ensure they are within OEM specifications.

We have seen some subpar refurbished products from suppliers who believe that a quick clean and a new box constitute “refurbished”. We are so confident in our ISO procedures and the refurbishment process, that we provide a one year return to base warranty with all items. This assurance provides our customers with the peace-of-mind that they will not be left with something that does not work, is damaged, or—more importantly—dangerous.

We are also able to provide a full support maintenance contract from Smartpac on all refurbished equipment (at additional cost) if required.

We believe that we provide the best quality refurbished equipment in the industry at the lowest possible price for our customers.

Key benefits

  • Value - Refurbished network hardware can provide up to 90% cost savings and will retain its remaining value longer
  • Reliability - With refurbished network equipment failure rates are greatly reduced because it has been used and tested
  • Warranty - 12-month return-to-base warranty for all refurbished equipment, plus you can extend coverage through our Smartpac® support service
  • Speed - Our large inventory of new and used equipment enables us to quickly ship to our customers.
  • Performance - Our refurbished equipment performs at the same level of quality as new equipment refurbishment Process

In order to provide customers with ‘like new’ refurbished equipment, we adhere to the comprehensive four stage process as outlined below.

Step 1

Initial Inspection and Equipment Selection

In order to provide the best we only select the best and each piece of equipment or module is subject to rigorous visual and functional inspection at our dedicated facility by our engineers.

We inspect each piece of equipment and look for things like physical damage, signs of misuse, previous repair and reject anything that is not up to our high standards.

Step 2

Functionality Testing

When the item has passed our initial inspection it is tested to ensure that it functions to the original manufacturer’s specification. The type of tests performed by our engineers included:
  • Switch ports – all individual ports on switches are tested
  • Line card slots – all slots within a chassis based switches are tested
  • Router module slots –all module slots in a router are tested
  • Router ports – all fixed ports on a router are tested
  • Wireless – we test the functionality of the wireless radios

All previous configurations are removed from the devices which mean that you receive the item in the same functional state that it was in when it left the factory.

We produce test results for all of our products and upload them to the MytestLogs public portal which allows you to view them online. Simply visit and enter the serial number of your product to view the test results.

Step 3

Cleaning and Cosmetic Restoration

Cleaning and Cosmetic Restoration We feel that refurbished equipment should not only function as if it were new, but it should also look like new which is why we have installed a professional spray booth at our refurbishment center.

The spray booth allows our engineers to produce an almost factory like finish on all items of equipment. Once the item is sprayed it is baked to remove the ‘just painted’ smell and produces a hard, quality finish that looks like ‘new’.

A final clean and inspection of the item ensures the quality of the finished product and any issues that are identified are resolved.

Step 4


The final stage of refurbishment is to reassemble the item and add any missing components such as blanking plates which maintains the airflow characteristics of the device. So that there can be no confusion we supply all of our refurbished equipment in plain packaging and include accessories such as rack mounts, console cables and patch leads.

Our strict QC process ensures that all the original accessories* are included in the box which means that you are never caught out during installation.

* Excludes 3750 series stacking cables

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Cisco Catalyst 3550-24 SMI - swi…
WS-C3550-24PWR-SMI - Cisco
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