Knowledge Base examines the latest emerging techologies that offer challenges to your business operations and looks at how these threats can be overcome.


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing will not only reduce costs by eliminating redundant devices, but it will also improve organizational productivity


BYOD is a phrase commonly used to refer to employees who bring their own computing devices to the workplace for personal and corporate use on the corporate network.

Software Defined Networking

SDN enables organizations to be flexible and gain understanding of new advanced regarding persistent problems with networking infrastructure.

The 'Internet of things'

The concept of everything being connected -not just computers -is upon us. Sensors are everyone, and these M2M relationships will connect data that affects every day life.

Big data

This surge of information and evaluation of large data sets requires, but new technologies are making Big Data more manageable and easier to use.

Disruptive Technologies

These innovations disrupt existing markets in unexpected ways—most typically by lowering prices or targeting a different customer base.


Choose your own device (COYD) offers employees the choice of several approved mobile devices to work with.

Protecting Data

Organisations have needed to facilitate the flow of data between many different users, departments and even partners in order to execute crucial business processes.

How Can Help’s team of experience engineers is constantly on the lookout for new, innovative technologies. We are not interested in providing solutions simply because that was the way it was done in the past. Our responsibility to customers is to consistently provide a choice of solutions that are of best fit for each customer’s unique set of requirements, including budget, timescale, and current network infrastructure.



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