Asset Recovery

Now there's a simple way to dispose of your excess assets that lets you get the best value for your old network. Our Asset Recovery service offers you a range of flexible solutions. We start with a Fair Market Value Assessment of your equipment. You can then choose to sell it for instant cash or trade it in as credit towards new purchases.

Turning redundant network equipment into cash

We can even help if your old equipment has no market value. For a nominal fee we'll eliminate the hassle of disposal in accordance with European WEEE guidelines. Don't leave your surplus Cisco equipment gathering dust. Call us for a quote today.

Asset Recovery Quote

Asset Recovery

All you need do is input your surplus kit list in our form below. Alternatively, you can download and complete the Excel spread sheet and email it to You will be quoted for all your excess equipment within 24 hours.


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Key Benefits

  • Fair Market Value Assessment: A detailed report based on secondary market valuations.
  • Equipment Purchase: Eliminate the cost of storing excess assets.
  • Equipment Trade-In: Use unwanted assets as a credit towards new purchases.
  • Equipment Disposal: Swift disposal in accordance with WEEE guidelines.

Secure disposal policy - A warning!

An item of networking kit bought from eBay for just 99p gave privileged access to an internal network at a UK county council.

The purchase of a VPN 3002 remote access kit by a security services company automatically connected to the internal network of Kirklees Council in Yorkshire as soon as it was switched on.

This is similar to hackers who had gained access to a database of credit card records after compromising an insecure wireless network to connect to a corporate LAN.

Everyone needs a secure disposal policy, the equipment needs to be decommissioned and user logins revoked.

Peace of mind with

Information security and the safeguard of data is extremely serious and at we make sure that all equipment that we receive and refurbish is rigorously tested, secure and has a one year warranty.

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