VMware is global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure. VMware’s approach accelerates the transition to cloud computing while preserving existing investments, improving security, and control. With customer-proven solutions that accelerate IT, VMware reduces complexity and enables more flexible, agile service delivery .

VMware Products And Solutions Overview

VMware products and solutions enable you to transform your IT organization by reducing the complexity of their IT environments, while dramatically lowering costs and enabling a flexible, agile IT service delivery model that better supports both users' and business' needs.

VMware solutions accelerate an organization’s transition to a cloud computing approach, enabling IT as a service, and finally addressing the compounding problems of IT cost and complexity.

VMware’s unique offering enables you to evolve your business to the enterprise hybrid cloud—a secure, managed, compliant model of IT that shares resources across public and private cloud sources. Each layer in the stack creates new approaches and opportunities for IT to serve and anticipate business needs.

In a business world where innovators gain the advantage and IT is central to every decision, IT responsiveness and agility provide a competitive edge. Many IT organizations are not quick enough on the uptake because their infrastructures are exorbitant to manage and too complex to easily adapt.

Cloud computing provides a vastly more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective way for IT to meet escalating business needs: IT as a service. VMware offers you an evolutionary and practical path to this new model with solutions that harness the power of the cloud while ensuring security and preserving the value of your existing technology investments.



Infrastructure Virtualization

Utilizing Vmware’s vSphere 5 and associated management products, virtualizing your server infrastructure is the first step towards creating a more resilient and agile IT service. Vmware offers a complete virtualization environment which will allow you to offer applications or software as a service and enable you to transition some, or all, of your infrastructure to public cloud providers.

Vmware vSphere is available in a range of feature rich editions including SMB and starter kits to give you all you require to get up and running in hours.

Business Continuity

The agile infrastructure, based on Vmware vSphere, is ready to be protected against disasters or planned maintenance at your key locations.


Traditional IT infrastructures dictate limited disaster recovery plans with only key applications included or tiered plans whereby key applications are recovered first with others following later. Vmware site recovery manager leverages cost efficient vSPhere replication or integrates with your storage vendor’s replication to provide:

  • Simple management of recovery and migration plans.
  • Non-disruptive testing.
  • Fully automated site recovery and failback.

You can replace error prone, paper, or spread sheet based recovery manuals with a GUI based workflow tool integrated into your vSphere management that allows you to plan and non-disruptively test your disaster recovery or migration plans.

Desktop Virtualization

Vmware View 5 does for desktops what vSphere has done for datacenters: provide resilient and agile desktop services that reduce desktop ownership costs while providing a personilized, high fidelity experience for end-users across a variety of devices. Vmware View is built on and integrated with Vmware vSphere, delivering desktops from a single integrated platform as part of your cloud services.


Desktops can be easily managed and controlled from a single management console with provisioning and patching achievable in a few clicks. Applications can be streamed to View desktops using ThinApp rather than laboriously installed on each desktop and new operating systems can be rolled out in a single sweep.

Vmware View utilises PCoIP software to deliver media rich audio and video with a wide range of support for USB peripherals.

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