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Tips on Compatible Memory

The memory market is a widely misunderstood area. If you are thinking of upgrading in the near future, it is imperative to understand the memory choices available and how you can get the best value for money.

You do not, as is often preached, have to buy Original Vendor memory in order to protect your warranty. In general, such tactics are illegal and are used to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt into the minds of consumers, rather than compete on the basis of quality and price. The important point is that, regardless of their legality, these types of sales ploys are intended to intimidate and pressure unsophisticated purchasers into spending substantially more than they should for memory upgrades. More »

Be Prepared For Disaster

72% of critical applications undergo an average of nine hours of power downtime per year... what about yours? Can you afford it and what is it going to cost your business?

The purposes of this document are to document proactive steps that can be taken to minimise the impact of unplanned services outages and to discuss some elements of general systems availability.

When power outage is not addressed, there can be a loss of services and data as well as possible equipment damage, resulting in a longer unplanned services outage. Many companies incur serious loss of business, profits and customer satisfaction with even short periods of unplanned services interruption. More »

Lease Your Network

Businesses are faced with three choices when buying IT equipment. Do they pay using their own cash, with a loan or should they lease? What are the advantages/disadvantages of each and how can help you to manage your capital expenditure budgets more efficiently?

This document aims to help customers to understand what the potential benefits of leasing networking equipment may be and how they can help you to overcome internal budgetary constraints. Obviously it will not suit every business, but for some it is invaluable and has helped many customers, both large and small, to upgrade their networks and manage their finances more efficiently. More »

Save Money With Buy Back

Feeling the squeeze? IT budgets are always tight and savings hard to come by without compromising on quality. So how does one save an additional 20% on an existing quote? More »

Why Buy Refurbished Cisco?

Are you looking to save up to 70% off list in 2012 without compromising on quality? More »

What is Power Over Ethernet?

IP telephony has been generating great interest in recent years, with cost-effective telephony driving an ever-increasing number of computer and handset VoIP users to trigger a worldwide surge that seems to be growing stronger with each passing day. More »

Cisco IOS 'Tips & Tricks'

In this paper, you will learn how to use tools and commands built into Cisco's IOS to make configuring and monitoring your Cisco devices quicker and easier. We'll start with some basic, commonly used commands and settings. Then we'll move into more advanced ways to make your Cisco life easier, including some commands that are new with the most recent versions of the IOS. More »